for auto parts stores, for auto repair shops, for auto examination services, for car shops.​​
Dealer WEB-catalog for VAG cars (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat, Porsche).
  • No installation required, quick start
  • Full VIN decryption with definition of PR codes and characteristics of a car
  • Catalog opens all VIN, only shows the correct part numbers
  • Schematic pictures of auto parts
  • Data update every month
  • Fast speed of work
  • Instructions for working with the auto parts catalogs
  • Technical support

In catalogs also presented next features:

  • Database of interchangeable autoparts (duplicates, analogics, replacements)
  • Technical information for VAG car repair and maintenance (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat). Relevance of repair programs data - models before 2015г.
  • Price Comparison - Aggregator of auto parts suppliers in Russia (wholesale warehouses, retail stores, used parts stores)
  • History of your inquiries: Time, Brand, Number, Name, Scheme screenshot.
  • API uploading to external sources (accounting systems, web services): Brand, Number, Title, Duplicates. (When copying a spare part number, automatic uploading of all information on this spare part to your external service)

Catalogs cannot be connected to a website or online store, only remote connection to the terminal in single-user mode.
Available languages in catalogs: English, Russian, Deutsch, Polski, Čeština, 中文

Tariff VAG

12 months
450 €